OSE Investment

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  1. It is free of inflation
  2. It leads to distributive enterprise
  3. It leads to DMS
  4. Equity shares are nonvoting in A/B share model. But, nobody will invest financially when there is no exit
  5. Usufruct investor - access to capital that is derisked by OSE
    1. Lifetime design equipment
    2. Craftsmanship training
    3. Lifelong access to a demonetized economy aka buying out at the bottom
    4. Paradign shift service for buying out at the bottom
      1. Esteeming services
      2. Scarcity and fear annihilation services
      3. At the point of recognition that there is never a U-Haul behind a Hearse, one can shift to solving pressing world issues and helping others

Usufruct Investment

  1. Open source equipment library with water lubricated engines
  2. Housing at $10/sf
  3. Large fraction of food-producing greenhouse
  4. Hydrogen energy
  5. PV production
  6. Village nickel-iron - 20kWhr or backup gen for night power.
  7. Lifetime supply of gasoline
  8. Lifetime supply of food.
  9. Autonomous village