OSE Land Investment Fund

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Collaborative Economics

  • $1-10M scale investments with 10% usufruct ROI. Operators manage it, provide surplus as usufruct ROI at 10%, which is a comfortable percentage from 1000-acre scale operation
  • Retirement fund - housing upon retirement can be obtained
  • Shares are tradeable
  • Guidelines - everyone follows them, and these are monitored via the Open Source Panopticon.
  • Recreation - hunting, fishing, boating lake; beach. Well-maintained water park.
  • Agriculture - perennial polyculture orchards. Farm manager stewards this.
  • Off-grid - 100% renewable energy

Concepts Included

  • Part of a lifestyle engineering package of Buying Out at the Bottom. Note - The slack - the waste - in our old ways of life were consuming 90% of our productive labor to maintain.
  • Retirement - at your own pace open source ecology lifelong or 4-8 year program for retirees who want to give back to the world.


  • Farm manager - $50k. SOPs defined as OSE Farm Enterprise Plan
  • Lumberjack - $50k
  • Rock burner - extractor and crusher + burner. Rock Burner Enterprise Plan - $50k
  • Digital Blacksmith - one skilled in CNC machining for subtractive work and metallurgy for additive and creative manufacturing
  • Gas station manager - solar hydrogen production appliance R&D and sales for personal fueling stations.