Lifetime Design Guarantee

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OSE focuses on Lifetime Design - the OSE Lifetime Design Guarantee. We have designed the 3D printer for a lifetime, not planned obsolescence. That means that because the printer is open source and uses easy-to-source, off-the-shelf parts - it retains its value for as long as needed. It is easy to replace or fix parts, or to 3D print replacement parts with the same printer - for as long as one wants to do so. We avoid a situation of a part breaking down and a user not knowing how to fix it. In fact, for products other than the 3D printer, we will offer a Lifetime Guarantee program - which consists of our 3D printer, which can be used to print replacement parts. We focus on using as many 3D printable parts as possible, in order to facilitate lifetime design.

OSE intends to produce the plastic that it uses in its products only from the waste stream, thereby cleaning up the environment. This has the benefit of saving the energy, resources, and pollution that it would otherwise take to make plastics from raw resources, especially from petroleum.