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OSE does not believe in waste - and we offer lifecycle stewardship. We like to take back any products that our users no longer need - so that we can recycle or reuse parts. So if you no longer need one of our products or want to get rid of it, we can take it back. Please email us at info@opensourceecology.org and we'll be glad to make arrangements for product take-back.

How do we do this?

We use common, off-the-shelf parts and materials. These depreciate less than custom parts because they can be reused easily.

We are building a recycling infrastructure that includes reuse, meltdown of metal, recycling of plastics to 3D printing filament, recycling of organic waste for compost and biogas, and other means.

Because we focus on simple and transparent design, our products lend themselves to recycling. We also use fasteners in favor of welding, so that things can be taken apart easily.

To us, used products are valuable because we design them for recyclability.

Thus, we also like to use non-toxic materials. We would not want to take toxic stuff back, so we like to avoid using it in the first place whenever possible.