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It is useful to publish a GNU/Linux build dedicated to the development of the Global Village Construction Set (GVCS)


This build would contain:

  • Prenstallation of all necessary software:
    • Blender
    • FreeCAD
    • QCad | LibreCAD (open source) - CAD, Architecture purposes
    • Kdenlive
    • ekiga same use as Skype but entirely opensource
    • irrsi irc client, easy to use IRC from shell
    • LinuxCNC (this might require a dual boot installation where back versions of Linux are installed. For example, LinuxCNC works on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (long-term support) and 10.04 LTS, but not on Ubuntu 9.10. Whatever distribution of Linux is chosen, we need to make sure that LinuxCNC, one of the critical components of CNC machining - is accommodated
    • KiCAD circuit design KiCAD
    • Arduino Environment for programming the Arduino microcontroller
    • Stereolithography file viewer for STL, PLY or Collada file formats
    • yacy and seeks search engines (not strictly needed but the hybrid use of them could be handy to analize in teams an intranet's content if nothing else). Linked to internet seeks constitutes a valid alternative to google too.
    • gimp Open source photo editing program.
    • inkscape svg vector graphics editor
    • LibreOffice Open source office suite available in more than 100 languages.
    • Scribus Open source desktop publishing software.
    • VCS(version control system) for keeping track of changes and collaboration. With most current version of GVCS pulled down.
  • Preinstalled libraries and Other Design Libraries
    • QCad libraries for design files, house designs, other purposes
    • Library of Pattern Language Icons for symbolic modeling of integrated agroecotechnological systems.
  • Some program for handling translation of the interface and language packs.
  • Documentation for all of the above.

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