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  1. Use OSE Linux. OSE Linux is a version freeze of working software. Using other software and system should be done at your own peril, and is likely to result in wasted time.
  2. Do not rely on Assembly Workbench workflows in FreeCAD. The standard, scalable procedure is merging files into an assembly, which is a transparent process. Using assemblies requires extra skill of the user, and others need to understand assembly order for them to collaborate. And documenting assembly order is time consuming and in practice is not likely to ha0en unless special care is taken. Remember always that you are not working on the project alone - even though at a specific time you may be working on a project alone.
  3. Scalable CAD (work with 100 or more people at the same time) means that any number of people can work at the same time on any file, including assembly files. A project integrator MERGES changes - which is the OSE equivalent of GitHub merges.

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