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The OSE Literacy Exam is the following. Some of the answers are more of a discussion than a single specific point. The exam is in the form of a video interview published on OSE's channels, serving as a discussion and ongoing clarification/refinement of concepts, on both sides.

  1. What is OSE's vision? This is one sentence - which informs all that we do. If you are stuck - go back to the Vision and see how it informs your decision-making.
  2. What is the end state on OSE's roadmap?
  3. What is the main distinguishing characteristic of the Open Source Economy?
  4. List the top 3 current projects.
  5. For the overall GVCS, what is the status of completion? What are the projects that still haven't been prototyped?
  6. What is OSE's current marketing approach?
  7. How is OSE currently going about its business development?
  8. Who is on the OSE team?
  9. What is OSE's main community-building effort? How successful has it been to date?
  10. What is the scope of OSE's work in technology and society?
  11. What are all of OSE's areas of activity embodied under the umbrella of the OSE vision?