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People who are geographically local to each other may choose to start an OSE Local Chapter. The local chapter is a branch of the Open Source Ecology project (OSE International) which is focused on leveraging OSE technology for local needs. See OSE Member Organizations. Reasons to create such a group include:

  • Promote OSE concepts
  • Network with like-minded local folks
  • Explore technologies that lead towards the open source economy. Most importantly, the socioeconomic proof of concept that OSE is interested in is the concept of a Distributive Enterprise. To this end, chapters are encouraged to collaborate with OSE International on the development of such Distributive Enterprise, based on that year's current Distributive Enterprise goals. The 2016 program includes the world's first ever distributive enterprise proof of concept - the 3D Printer.
  • Hold or participate in local or regional events like workshops, presentations, conferences, fairs, etc.
  • Establish local projects to further OSE goals, which could include:
    • Prototyping OSE tools with the aim to improve the designs and manufacture
    • Experiment with improvements, enhancements, add-ons, new features, etc.
    • Support centralized OSE project by local discussion, etc.
    • Support local creation of GVCS tools

Local chapters enable and encourage people interested in OSE technologies and tools to discuss and apply them on a local basis. In general, local chapters should focus on the needs of the local community and how the materials, tools, and products produced by OSE can be used to solve local problems.

Starting a Local Chapter

  1. Collect names and email addresses of four (or more) people willing to start a local group.
  2. Apply for a Local Chapter Charter from the national OSE organization.
  3. After charter is granted (see below), the organization may refer to itself as an OSE Local Chapter.

The OSE Chapter Charter Document

In order to be recognized as an official local chapter of OSE, an application for a local chapter charter is made to OSE Interational. The application should contain the following information:

Item Example
Names and contact info of charter members (list of names)
Proposed name of the chapter OSE - Podunk Chapter
Justification We want to build a CEB for the local Habitat for Humanity.

After reviewing the application OSE National will either grant a charter document or indicate reasons for rejection.

The OSE Local Chapter Charter grants the following:

  • Right to call the local group an OSE local chapter (OSE - Podunk Chapter)
  • Right to use the OSE trademarks, logos, and icons subject to terms of their use.
  • Listing on the OSE Wiki for local chapters.


The following restrictions are placed on OSE local chapters:

  • Local chapters are considered to be non-profit entities, though they may raise money for projects.
  • Local chapters are expected to abide by the standards and behaviors established by OSE International.
  • Local chapters are expected to promote OSE concepts, technologies, and projects to the best of their ability.

Failure to meet these restrictions may result in revocation of the charter document.



  • First and foremost, the Chapter must subscribe to the OSE Social Contract
  • Chapters are divided into continents and countries. The continental organization is the result of collaboration in national chapters. National board members vote for their representatives at the continental level.
  • At least half of the continental level board must be approved by the OSE International foundation’s directing board.
  • Chapters are prohibited from vocal support of any political or religious groups within the framework of OSE. OSE will maintain its position as a purely creative organization.
  • National and Continental groups are obligated to share any development results and intellectual property with the international community.
  • Members must move into business opportunities outside of the official organizational structure of OSE. An OSE distribution or help center must be approved by the continental level organization.
  • At least 50% of all funding donated to regional organizations must go towards hardware development.
  • Research or development done by regional organizations must be published and documented (the definition of proper documentation to be determined).
  • Representatives of OSE chapters are encouraged to maintain professional public relations.