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Marlin - the open source 3D Printer control firmare, is not well documented. Basic configuration is covered well at http://marlinfw.org/ but if you want to hack the code - get out your DuckDuckGo search engine to scour various forums - and good luck! Tremendous amounts of time are wasted in poorly documented projects, and Marlin gets a high score on this point. Hail to Marlin for its GPL license. But get a load of this: just to participate in documenting Marlin, one has to learn several more programmig languages. See the original Marlin Documentation Project: https://github.com/MarlinFirmware/MarlinDocumentation

OSE is looking for closer collaboration with Marlin - so please put us in touch if you know any of the core team.

To promote more hacker literacy in complex programs such as Marlin - a Generalist Hacker's Guide is useful- and hence the OSE Marlin Documentation Project (unrelated to the original Marlin Documentation Project, but aiming to collaborate). This means providing at least basic, but reasonably well organized, and updatable documentation. Documentation that is not geared at the hardcore programming nerd, but at the enlightened generalists who wants to obtain a deeper situational awareness - and modify code functionality at a basic level We would like to do that for Marlin as part of OSE - since Marlin is everywhere in the 3D printing world. Because Marlin is so popular - lots of documentation is scattered anecdotally throughout the web. Organizing this would be immensely helpful - to the Generalist Hacker.

When I say Generalist Hacker - I am referring to an open source ecologist - one who believes in the integration of human and natural ecosystems to arrive at post-scarcity and the end of war.

Franklin - MTU's open source 3D printer control firmware - could likewise benefit from similar documentation.