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The world needs more holistic, integrated thinking - to correct the shortcomings of specialization. Specialization can be considered a significant milestone in human history, though critics point out that Specialization is for Insects. For society to achieve integrated, interdisciplinary, holistic thinking - effective learning techniques are required. This includes learning how to learn, learning how to make decisions, and learning about mental models. General Semantics laid a solid foundation for how to correct our perception to more effective learning. Here we ask - What are critical elements required for rapid learning? And more intentionally - what are the widely-accessible infrastructures that OSE is building for this?

Elements involve seeking essential resources and topgrading them. Who are the top thinkers, writers, and agents for understanding how the world works, in order to change the world? How do we surround ourselves with these people, and winnow through the noise and chaff in society.

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