OSE Metrics In Development

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The OSE dashboard should feature various metrics of OSE performance:

  • Prototypes Built
  • Staff
  • Funding level
  • Beta Releases
  • Full Product Releases
  • Technical Blog Posts (prototypes built)
  • Publicity and Honors attained
  • Number of wiki edits by top 10 contributors
  • TF numbers
  • Twitter, FB followers
  • YouTube subscribers, views
  • Control Panel Steps Completed per project
  • Prototypes/month
  • money spent per prototype
  • money spent per Distributive Enterprise
  • Earnings
  • Donations
  • Grants
  • Flash Mob member numbers
  • Loal Food produced on site
  • Local Energy Produced On Site - kW-Hr/month
  • Web hits - main site, wiki, blog, TED Talk