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Drupal Tasks

You can view the current tasks in the Pivotal project.


  • Check a demo for the embeddable badge: http://microfundingtest.openfarmtech.org/mywebsite.php
    • Parameters:
      • id - true fan id
      • name - if equals 1, then displays the name of the True Fan above the badge, otherwise not.
    • TODO - make secure reading of the URL parameters
  • TODO - make a visualization of all OSE badges.

  • Make a PHP Script (drupalroleusers.php) that takes the users from a Drupal installation with a specific Role (e.g. True Fan Role, or for testing we can take Administrator role) and saves in a CSV file (truefanusers.txt) the following information:
    • ID
    • Name
  • Read in truefan-badge.php the names of the users from truefanusers.txt and display them correctly by their ID.


Paypal updates 6-27-11

  • Kelly Schutt completed basic Paypal integration. After completing the True Fan subscription payment, the user is automatically added to the True Fan role. We don't need an administrator to approve every account/payment this way.
    • Overview of the Paypal subscription process
      • Custom microft module redirects user to Paypal for payment after registering account. Microft also passes custom_var to Paypal with Drupal User ID
      • Paypal connects to /paypalipn page and POSTs User ID variable. /paypalipn then save the user account with the additional True Fan role
        • Paypal should automatically redirect the user back to their profile page after payment, and the user should be logged in. Right now, the user has to click a button to be redirected and isn't automatically logged in.
  • We still need to configure the registration process with a dropdown menu for different levels of True Fan support (e.g. $10/month vs $50/month)


  • Lukasz Jagodzinski is working on a Drupal theme, in an ose.org style and layout as definded in the wireframes.

Drupal Features Module


Other Drupal tasks

  • Show a text when certain fields are filled out
    • We will need this for the Recognition page - when the video and text are filled out a text linking to the Share page should be displayed.
  • True Fan status
    • requested - a person has requested a True Fan status - An statusadmin should check whether there is a subscription by this
    • true fan - the person is a True Fan
      • list of subscriptions - a True Fan can have more than one subscription, e.g. now $10, after few months $20.
      • from - the date of subscription
      • to - the date of unsubscription
      • amount - the amount of the subscription
  • Configure Invite and User Relationships
    • Allow users with the True Fan role to invite multiple friends
    • Make sure the relationship shows between the invited and the invitee
      • Create a block using Views to show relationships
        • Make sure the block view uses arguments such that users are dynamic
        • Show block on Recognition, Share and Invited pages
    • Note, Invite is still in -dev branch for D7. Module is working after applying patch found here : http://drupal.org/node/1054392#comment-4536388
  • Create block to show all True Fans
    • Show this block universally
    • Block should just be list of True Fan users as their pictures
  • Create block with PayPal button link to donate
    • Show this block below main content on the True Fans page
    • Block will show a standard PayPal button, let the user subscribe through PayPal and redirect him back to a Drupal user registration page. When he registers, he should have the status "True Fan Requested" (or similar) and an Administrator should approve it.
  • Video embedding Support
    • Enable Vimeo and others video providers for video embedding in Drupal 7
    • Make quicker embedding of Videos in Drupal 7

Theme Tasks

CiviCRM Tasks

You can find our CiviCRM configuration here. It gives you the possibility of replicate and quickly review our design.

  • (Eduardo Riesco and others) Review CiviCRM flow page.
  • Theme CiviCRM pages and adjust layout. It has a template system similar to Drupal's.
  • Configure the reports for the CiviCRM Dashboard.
  • Review standard CiviCRM messages to adapt it to True Fans and Donate campaign.
  • (Eduardo Riesco) Improve CiviCRM "Personal Campaign Pages" (our "Share Page"). This is by far the biggest task because we'll need to modify the CiviCRM core code. It's our opportunity to contribute the CiviCRM project improving it!
  • ...