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Tue Feb 21, 2017

Meeting Agenda:

Agenda items, please add to this:

  • Screencast documentation of how to use Minds - Bill
  • Long-term development needs of features
  • upvoting for Stack Exchange-like functionality
  • Video conference
  • 3D manipulable embeds,
  • HTML embed code of posts, etc.
  • Recruiting of full stack developers.
  • Post on VolunteerMatch, Idaelist, more
  • Documentation on setting up a zero voting right investment mechanism for OSE Network. Notes: Ideally, people put in $, and they can trade their stock as a money-making mechanism. But the unanswered questions for me here are unpinning from Fed funnymoney, and exchange mechanisms for real OSE goods. So perhaps the first step to this, or a different route - would be that we set up an OSE bank with cryptocurrency backed by tangible production, so we pave the way for a return to asset-backed currencies. We can shoot the shit on this, but please think about some operations issues here such as the cost of managing an investement fund, clear transparency mechanisms, and clear incentives - so this thing does not get corrupted and end up causing more problems than deep solutions.
  1. Conversations with Developers going
  2. Upper right hand corner of opensourceecology.org - join/sign up
  3. Blog post, includes screen capture
  4. Intent/contributor guidelines