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The Factor e Live Distillations was OSE's last effort of communicating an integrated program. In 2016, we are moving to formulate our program of cultural programming via an OSE News Show. Concept is to use Natron Aftereffects to report the basic concepts and progress of OSE from an overall interest perspective. The positioning is the Home of the Open Source Economy. Open source hardware, new and old tech, regenerative development, movement entrepreneurship, fundamental solutions to pressing world issues, integrated ecosystems, etc.

Specific Concepts

  • What is prosperity limit? transhumanist meets regenerative development meets movement entrepreneurship. Myth of technology.


Audience: students gaining perspective, and developers interested in lifestyle investment towards right livelihood.

  • concept
  • Seminal throughout and books on the topic.
  • contemporary thought - what is really happening, what gaps there are. Gap analysis, and how to close it.
  • interview with a leading thinker.
  • connecting to accelerated innovation and development on the topic (open source collab)
  • Connecting to and assessing Open Innovation Projects
  • Feature of a favorite open source project - such as FreeCAD, SweetHome, Natron, etc.
  • funding that change by open source enterprise! movement entpreneurship! and getting a team together.
  • ex. Process for a Design brief for tagteam engineering. Requires viewing on a continuous basis, etc. install a complete infrastructure for this to happen. Process for how al the steps can happen, from seeding to enterprise. Clarity on the mental model, model of change, process for doing this.
  • OSE work on the topic
  • How you can get involved
  • resources - practical ways you can get involved in the topic with the people who are doing the best work on the topic..
  • end with a proposal - a specific development project of ose that makes a difference.


  • Asking perennial questions. Such as peace, prosperity. End of war. Freedom. Self determination.
  • big topics - such as housing, food, energy, doomsday/collapsitarian view,
  • clarity on the requirements for unbridled collaborative dev : collab literacy, time, skills, matching skills, management, roadmap. Collab on minimum requirements for collaboration - at each level of collaboration. Careful design of this.

Episode 1

The world seen through the eyes of open collaboration.

Start with what open collaboration is, and that open source is a part of it, that OS has a specific definition, not whatever someone says that it is. And that OSHW does not exist. A compelling and powerful message that sets the tone for the discussion, based on OSE learnings. And that if you are not trying to solve wicked problems, OS may not apply - it just doesn't matter. Cover the ethical issues, and moralistic critique.

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