OSE Organization and Operations Manual

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Operations Manual Requirements


  1. Graphical index provides overview of scope on a single page.Check.png
  2. It is easily navigable, and transparent to anyone in the world for use and review. Check.png
  3. Specific entries are easy to find on wiki - by making page titles very simple to remember or search, for ex., use DPV_Tracker as opposed to 2014_DPV_Tracker_Revised_11/20/13 as a page title.
  4. It is easily scalable. Check.png
  5. It is easily updatable. Live Google Doc links to wiki pages.Check.png
  6. It is easily reviewable. Check.png
  7. It is self-contained (critical protocols are in the document proper, not as links). Check.png
  8. It is readily printable. Each wiki page can be printed. Check.png
  9. It is versioned - for version date and person editing. Wiki pages do this automatically.Check.png
  10. Viewing permissions are settable. This includes edit on the wiki and viewing/editing on Google Docs.
  11. It is editable only by core team members, while anyone else can view and commentCheck.png
  12. License is CC-BY-SA.Check.png