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  • In order to increase public awarness of OSE + Get more developers, we should participate in some makerfaires.
  • These are essentially conventions that have people bringing in DIY contraptions (Art Cars, Intresting Mechanisms, 3D Printed Merchandise), Companies showing of new products (many 3D Printer companies go to these), and people there to simply talk with like minded individuals as well as see the many art displays + DIY contraptions.
  • The Main Locations are San Mateo California, Detroit, and New York City. Despite this pretty any city with one or more maker space still holds smaller ones.
  • We should try the New Your one first as it is called the "World Maker Faire", also the San Mateo California one as that gets much press coverage (with groups like youtube's "Tested" (with Adam Savage from Mythbusters) ).
  • We could go with a small team and take a few devices such as a D3D Printer, D3D CNC Circuit Mill, and a D3D CNC Mill. These would all be set up on a few tables making various parts. We could also have a Screen displaying other devices via a slideshow in the backround. Intrested people come up ask what the devices are, and next thing you know we have much more public awareness and participation.



  • One or moree charcoal gassifier powered/compressed hydrogen powered generator(s) using OSE Tech that powers everything at our booth

Multimedia Display

- 2x PA Speakers

- 1x Large TV

- 2x Tripod Stands for PA Speakers

- 1x Stand for TV

- ?x Laptops

- 1x Wireless Microphone

- 1x Wireless Microphone Receiver

- 1x Desktop Audio Mixer

- 1x Cord For TV Audio

- 1x Cord For Microphone Audio


- 1x Collapsible Canopy Tent

- 1x Trailer/Large Car or Van to carry everything [Truck|Maybe This?].

- 1x Powerbar/Surge Protector

- ?x Extention Cords

- ?x Zip Ties

- ?x Collapsible Tables

- ?x Collapsible Chairs

- ?x Misc Cables

- ?x OSE Flyers

- ?x OSE Business Cards

Tabling supplies



Graphics for use


Participation Log