OSE Partnership with OBI

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OSE hereby commits to:

Equipment Services

  1. Providing access to GVCS machines (tractor, backhoe, brick press, bale spreader, tiller, soil pulverizer, 3D printing, laser cutting, milling) for the purposes of OBI construction projects
  2. Providing custom machine development services on a contract basis
  3. Operating, maintaining, and troubleshooting both GVCS and any rented equipment
  4. Providing site preparation assistance to OBI (grading, access roads, foundation prep, etc)

Design and Engineering

  1. Providing assistance in design development including calculations
  2. Providing sourcing optimization and sourcing logistics
  3. Developing open source CAx tools to facilitate the design process

Documentation and Development

  1. Providing collaborating discussion on documentation and development methodology
  2. Developing Mediawiki templates for documentation
  3. Documenting workshop organization protocols to make event organization replicable

Event Organization

  1. Availing OSE channels for event publicity and marketing
  2. Producing promotional vidoes and scripts
  3. Coordinating site preparation and providing OSE facilities to house participants


  1. Consulting on, co-developing and evaluating roadmaps, strategies, priorities, budgets, rollout, and sequencing


  1. Providing access to the OSE network for human resource development, client search, and any other necessary contacts
  2. Providing priority access to OSE's recruiting infrastructure to help OBI staffing needs
  3. Referring interns and volunteers to OBI


  1. Providing nonprofit umbrella status to OBI to secure nonprofit sector resources
  2. Co-developing templates and protocols for participant management

Standards Development

  1. Co-creating standards for the building industry by collaborating with professional architects, engineers, and other professionals


  • Capitalization assistance in terms of equipment services, tool provision, and space rental
  • Collaborating in crowd-funding activities such as Kickstarter
  • Providing templates for book affiliate programs

Branding and Character

  • Cobranding events as OBI/OSE collaboration
  • Promoting OBI work in OSE presentations and outreach
  • Formal partnership to promote a strong and committed open source brand

Logistics and Facilities

  • Providing access to the OSE workshop and other facilities for builds
  • Providing the land for carrying out builds
  • Providing a matierials organization and tool control capacity to minimize material loss and to enhance tool availability
  • Assisting with utility grid interconnction