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4 Year Programs

  • People move to the very top of each comparable industry standard work category, such as carpenter. Zip recruiter shows 2% as the very top tier, see for example SEH Revenue Model Development. Thus, it is reasonable to use this pay scale as the 'top' in that categorgy.
  • At the point of top 2 percenter, person advances to the next more integrated set of responsibility. Such as manager, designer, entrepreneur, etc. lOSE takes *Anything other than advancement - based on OSE's requirement of lifelong learning in the selection process- means that the person is not in the right area, or OSE made a poor choice. OSE assumes that the person will be able to meet the requirements for advancement - if OSE granted admittance to the person. This requires discipline on the part of OSE to not accept people who OSE deems could not meet the requirements. This is obvious here - people have to meet certain requirements.
  • OSE promises top pay after 4 years of OSE work - for everyone no exception. This means that people who pass the test make it - those who don't have an opportunity to enter a different track.
  • In general, first 4 years are about learning the culture fully. People pass for culture, not competency. Because culture guarantees competency. Hence, if a person did not make the grade, they can try a different track. Rationale is that the 4 year program has a certain set of requirements, and we do not accept people into the program if they do not think they can make the grade after 4 years of indoctrination.
  • Pay scale can be complicated, but we simply use top 2% as our top standard. Then we move into a new class of earnings. It seems quite ambitious to be a top 2% organization. However, this is not elite. We do not take people who are at the top, we grow them to their full potential every 4 years on a given track. This means that the project can scale - with average people who decide to take on the responsibility to produce extraordinary results. Through OSE culture of transcendent (post-scarcity) open collaboration based on best practice (economy of integration, modularity, lifetime design, courage (to take on pressing world issues that serve many people).