OSE Planning 2022

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2022 Revenue Projections

  • Builder Crash Course. 24 attendance. $50k x 3 = $150k gross
  • House builds for clients - 3 - $150k
  • OSE School - 24 students, 4 year program @$25k - $600k gross
  • 3D Printer sales + CNC machine sales - $24k
  • Movement Entrepreneurship MOOC. House build. How to build anything. How to collaborate. How to solve pressing world issues: build yourself, build your world via colaborative movement entrepreneurship
  • About $900k projected. Missing links: final house plans. Opearations for Builder Crash Course

Groundbreaking on OSE School

  1. 4-8 year program college-phd equivalent
  2. Research schools willing to get into partnership
    1. 50/50 revenue share
    2. Synergistic curriculum
    3. Design your own major
    4. Outcome is degree in open source ecology - 1. learn to build anything ,2. learn to collaborate, 3. learn to solve pressing world issues. Get financial independence and work on solving pressing world issues as a movement entrepreneur.
  3. 24 students requires 12 more Solar Cubicles. Insulated panels are