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This refers to specifying admissible parts - at a level of specificity more stringent than typical industry standards. A lot of times, admissible parts in our design are very specific - to the point that COTS sourcing offers challenges. We intend to transform COTS into flexible-COTS via creating a global infrastrucutre for on-demand, flexible, user-participatory, digital production - in the long term. In the short term, we go about in-house part production with digital means. In the immediate term - we specify brands down to a clickable buy online link - at great peril. The challenge is - very specific parts run the risk of being out of stock - this is a challenge of Point Specifications of parts versus typical specification of parts where most substitutes will do. This is not to say that for many parts, many substitutes won't do. The Point Specifications still apply - and that becomes a challenge for hiring designers, who may not have the CAD-BOM-Build experience to be effective in making Point Specifications. This is part of the reason why we need to grow talent from inside. Indeed, our top brass starts on the factory floor, without exception.

We get very specific becuase our design - such as the house - is refined for absolute build efficiency, which means not just any part will do but a very specific one. This can be due to some minor detail that we do require, but are typically not required. This is an artifict of LOD 500 design, where we don't produce concept design - but fully specify the CAD-BOM-Build integration.