OSE Process Management Curriculum

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  • Wiki page taxonomy. Names. Wiki words. Development Template Taxonomy - technology, process, enterprise overview
  • Main Project Page Management. Names. Redirects. Old work - moved to ___x___ YEAR for past work. Version naming (ex v17.08). Module Management. GVCS Modules. Seeding new projects. Flashy XM template model.
  • Managing Development Template Items. Technology steps details. Enterprise steps details. Process steps details.
  • Seeding Different Processes. Background Work and Future Work to seed HR Recruiting Job Descriptions. Work Breakdown Structures - to seed new work. Product Requirements to seed new technology development.
  • Basic Workflow. Background to Requirements to Concept to CAD to BOM to Build Procedure to Data to Future Work.
  • Background Work - How it works, why it works, Product Ecology, Industry Standards. Tech Tree of Choices.
  • Main Development Work - Concept to Part Library to CAD to CAD Validation. CAD validation can take on the form of doing many Calculations according to the Calculations Protocol. Calculations can be on paper, plus CAE, plus Human Factors Engineering, Ergonoimics Engineering. Exploded part diagram validation. WebGL validation - hover-over data validates many points. Collaborative Design Workflow. Up/download
  • BOM Work. Design for Sourcing. No inventory. Common parts.
  • Instructionals Work - EPAs, exploded part diagram. Augemented Reality software for providing step-by-step instructions, dimensions, properties. LAIs.