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We intend to become the most collaborative open product development project in the world. To achieve this, we need to pursue radical transparency. At this point, the wiki is our main repository of information. We use it to record all kinds of content, under the assumption that the content is useful, that the OSE project platform is here to stay, and that someone else might like to see the content later.

To achieve radical transparency, we are utilizing the wiki as a searchable repository of content. When someone comminicates with another party in the framework of the OSE project, we are suggesting that all such conversations be archived. Why?

  • Archiving allows conversations to build upon each other.
  • As long as the wiki is searchable, there is a chance that a conversation or a piece of content will be found in the future.
  • If a conversation happened, and it is relevant to moving the project forward, that conversation should be placed on the wiki - for global access and global refinement - as opposed to access in one's email folders.
  • Our claim is: just about all conversations should be posted on the wiki - if we assume that intelligent conversation are occurring. If a conversation is not useful - we ask - why is that conversation occuring in the first place?
  • Take-home message: posting content on the wiki allows the whole world to build on these conversations. In the limit of such building, distillation of knowledge towards best practice occurs, shifting the balance from mass-culture creation (confusion) towards distilled thinking (clarity).
  • Ideas are built on continued evolution of thought. TED Weekends is an example of such a platform.