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Based on https://www.jimcollins.com/concepts/smac-recipe.html

A SMaC recipe is a set of durable operating practices that creates a replicable, consistent success formula.

Simple, Methodical, and Consistent.


Tactical General

  1. Prioritize problem-solving based on market size and impact.
  2. Create opportunities for people to work in jobs that displace more destructive variants of those same, common jobs.
  3. Our innovation is to not invent anything new. Build on existing institutions to transform them.

Seed Eco-Home

  1. As an organization, we have engineering-design-build in house.
  2. We have open documenation + education to scale worldwide.
  3. We go up to tech school, engineering school, business school, advanced studies levels.
  4. Engineering is open source tools built around FreeCAD and other open tools in the form of calculators, FEA, fluid dynamics, electromagnetics, and other calculations.
  5. We optimize for CAD-BOM-Build - high integration between part choice, cad, and build process, all with open source tools.
  6. Build is optimized with highly refined production engineering and open source machines such as tractors, robotic grading equipment, 3D printers, power ladders, material handlers, automated warehousing, etc.
  7. We integrate franchising, remote work of production (remote builds of modules, etc)
  8. We integrate extra credit work, such as building modules at home, to create a globally distributed production network from home microfactories to full-scale plants.
  9. We run only on solar energy (PV, wind, hydrogen) (not there yet)

Design Collaboration

  1. We work log
  2. We upload in progress, also using this as a backup function.


  • Build to last - to create a formidable arsenal of democracy.