OSE Shop 2011 Prepare Column Pad Sites

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  • Collect equipment and supplies needed
    • 24 Pre-built column pad forms
    • 24 Pre-built column pad rebar assemblies
    • 96 rebar chairs
    • 192 form stakes
    • Hammer(s)
    • Rake(s)
    • shovel
    • 4'spirit Level
    • Water level
    • tape measure
  • Set the pre-built column pad forms in place under the string lines with the inside of the forms under the strings.
  • Stake them in place with form stakes per lay-out - 2 on each side.
  • Remove stone 2” deep inside forms (rake it out)
  • Pack removed stone around outside of forms and 1/2" under frames to create 6" deep form.
  • Check level across each form with spirit level.
  • Check East/West rows with water level to be in line with 6" slope down to the East across the building.
  • Check North/South rows with water level to be on level with each other across the building.
  • Use one prebuilt column pad rebar assembly for each column pad site.
  • Center the rebar assembly with 3” gap between assembly and form wall on every side.
  • Set rebar chairs under corners of prebuilt column pad rebar assemblies per diagram.
Setting Column Pad Forms Diagram.png