OSE Shop Design for December 18 Production Run

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OSE is developing flexible fabrication as its style of production. This is consistent with the reduction in scale of productive enterprises that emerges with increased access to production machinery on a smaller scale. Flexible fabrication means that we may be building brick presses one day, and 3D printers the next day. As such, the OSE workshop is reconfigurable. Certain machines, such as plasma cutters, welders, and oxyacetylene torch - as well as welding tables - are mobile. Mobile welding screens can be used in different locations. There are also dedicated areas for certain machines, such as the ironworker machine.

Work Areas - December 18, 2012

In the December 18, 2012 production run - the workshop was configured to 5 welding stations with welding tables, an ironworker station, bandsaw station, plasma cutting area, mag drilling station with 3 mag drills, a milling station, and a final assembly location in the middle of the workshop.

Shop Layout