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Feedback we've received from supporters about our social media presence

  • Kevin Jones

---Forwarded message --- From: "Kevin Jones" / Date: Oct 9, 2012 7:12 AM / Subject: FYI: Some observations on web effectiveness.../ To: <opensourceecology@gmail.com>

Hi y'all,

I like seeing that OSE appears to be steadily progressing. Became aware of previous incarnation OSF some time ago and have loosely followed since.

Cutting to the chase, the first significant issue I noticed (prompting this email) is that the default thumbnail which posts next to a link to the OSE home page on facebook is the twitter logo. I'm not a web site builder so I can't address 'how', but the 'what' is that some image (perhaps the OSE logo) that relates directly to the site needs to be added in a format that will be recognized by social media sites and displayed by default. To put some emphasis on it, I'd go so far as to propose that the present twitter 't' image is even worse than other cases of a random ad image or such getting picked up as the ubiquitousness of social media logo buttons makes them easily ignored.

Also, I was disappointed that a simple 'contact us' ('feedback' 'comments' 'love to hear from you' etc.) link or menu entry wasn't readily apparent on the home page. I did go to the forum page but nowhere stood out to me as being the right spot to post about the thumbnail issue, not even on the web/IT section and joining a forum is a bit tedious when one is just attempting to pass on a short friendly editorial observation. My brief impression was that the forum was laid out to be useful to those actively involved but it didn't appear to have the welcome section for guests and newbs that I'm accustomed to finding on other sites. Perhaps the utilitarian nature is a conscious choice reflecting a present priority of production, but if promotion is desired as well I think the site could be made more inviting. Seems much more accessible to makers than fans at the moment and obviously the maker/tech set is where stuff actually gets done but fans can bring funds and free advertising and generally 'get the word out' to attract new expertise.

Well, that's my 'two cents' anyhow.

I'd love to see something with a little 'pop' next time I share an OSE link.

Once again, it's great to see the project progressing.


-Kevin D. Jones-

  • Bob Waldrop - True Fan

10:07pm Oct 1 Facebook Conversation between Bob Waldrop and Open Source Ecology

Your forum seems to be broken. I tried to log in with FB, no ceegar. I found out I already had an account, jpeaceokc, the usual passwords didn't work, so I tried resetting it, that worked, except now I can't log in with that user name and password. All I wanted to do was email y'all to find out a mailing address so I could send a housewarming gift for the new hablab since it seems like the only way to contact y'all is by the forums. I didn't think of FB until just now. I am one of your regular monthly contributors. I feel exhausted by the task of just trying to find a mailing address. It should not be that hard. Please make it easier to find such info in the future. Thanks for the work you are doing. If you're worried ab out just anybody wandering in, put the contact info in a password place where only your contributors could find it, but make it easy for your contributors, who may not visit the site regularly, to find that log in.