OSE Succession Planning

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  1. The CEO publishes a succession plan for the highest levels of leadership, and has people being groomed for leadership positions at all times. The executive welcomes their own displacement or transition to other roles at any time in face of anyone else being more qualified to take on the responsibility
  2. Each person writes their own job description after getting comfortable with a routine, as to invite other collaborators to work with, above, or below them.
  3. Everyone strives to be capable of doing any other job, with qualified executives participating on the ground floor, and qualified ground floor members participating in the executive suite, and Swarm Builds combining the effort of all, with high discipline displacing hierarchy and bureaucracy. Clearly visible merit must be shown for any such negotiation - either up- or down- merit.
  4. Multiple individuals run each position.
  5. Everyone cross-trains to perform at a high level in all positions.
  6. Cross training is implemented as mandatory rotation into other areas of endeavor for certain individuals. One can choose a cross-training or regular track
  7. Management is automated and displaced whenever possible, to retain core and facilitate evolution
  8. Eradication of scarcity in one area means that we can retire certain position or transition those positions as we automate to innovate.
  9. Automatiom allows reallocation of effort to focused innovation
  10. Open source knowhow allows external agents to work on our mission.
  11. Each person on the team can write their own advancent plan up to executive level or even up to the Council of Elders.
  12. Council of Elders are informal advisors who are trusted completely to steward the company core, and demoted otherwise
  13. Leadership and executive leadershipust publish their operations manual with intent of creating a possibility of their temporary or full retirement, or to address contingencies such as death.
  14. Each position is filled by 2 or 3 people, with up to Dunbar's number of executives, and up to Dunbar's number of 'factory floor' teams.
  15. Executive leadership rises through the ranks, with no exceptions. No outside leadership due to core risk.
  16. We hire for character that can endure adversity, as without character there is not the performance, without which there is no greatness.
  17. We endure, but we are not great - we strive for greatness but are never satisfied to rest on laurels so we continue to innovate for ever.