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Enterprise + Production Engineering

An expression of OSE values.

  • Open source flywheels - based on Good to Great, product-specific tactical information (CAD-BOM-Build) for replicable enterprise.
  • Breaking the Iron Triangle - we allow for DIY and pro, thus allowing swarms for speed or lower entry barriers for apprentices. Cost is kept down by efficiency and design. We source lowest cost to customer, not convenience to builder. We source big box stores as much as possible (COTS), not COTS+ which requires shipping more specialized parts, and we never do non-COTS in production unless we build the part in house. We go for quality by design: simplicity, modularity, and robustification. All for lifetime design.
  • Second Toyota Paradox - excessive prototyping to succeed at scale faster. Paradox because integration happens late in the game, so it looks like product will be late, but it will actually be better and faster to market success.
  • Integrated Build Planning - part of CAD-BOM-Build discipline - choosing materials best suited to match process. Build process is part of cost performance, and cost performance affects overall performance in that it allows for economic feasibility of more benign features.


  • Global Village - structure the organization as a purpose/mission-centered enterprise blurring the division between the second and third sector [1]. Modular at the scale of a Dunbar's Number village, for personal accountability with 100-200 modular divisions worldwide.