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  • TED Talk - #1 IN THE OSE TOP 5 VIDEO COLLECTION. My 4-minute TED Talk from 2011 is the single most-watched video on OSE. It has 1.3 million views on the TED website alone. The talk, titled Open-Sourced Blueprints for Civilization - was also the top 6th pick in the Huffington Post Best of TED 2011. Share this with your friends. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/tedtalks2011/
  • OSE TOP 5 VIDEO COLLECTION. My fourth pick. Here are some key philosophical underpinnings behind the work of Open Source Ecology - a 6 minute short from early 2013 by #Tristan_Copley_Smith. The relationship between natural resources, technology, and prosperity - minute 0:59 - is key. -https://vimeo.com/58165438
  • OSE TOP 5 VIDEO COLLECTION. My third pick is a 3 minute trailer - of a forthcoming documentary - #TheSparkDoc on #OSE and another project, #Our_School_at_Blair_Grocery (OSBG). Since this trailer was made, OSBG is using our open source tractor at their urban farming project. - https://vimeo.com/58003338
  • OSE TOP 5 VIDEO COLLECTION. My second pick is a 3 minute short by Tristan Copley Smith - "Build Yourself" from 2012 - which became a finalist in the the Focus Forward film competition. -https://vimeo.com/51764445
  • Over the years, we produced a number of videos - and here are my top 5 favorites of the period from 2010 to 2013. We start with the classic - Global Village Construction Set in 2 Minutes - the first solid explainer on our work from 2010 by Isaiah Saxon of #DIY. This one has 203k views. - https://vimeo.com/16106427