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This page will attempt to collect all links to torrents associated with ose. to find torrent files hosted on the wiki go here



4 machines magnet





Using torrents

you will need a torrent software package and the internet. for your computer or tablet: qbittorent aDownloader for android

comparison of software

Download using torrent

3 different ways

magnet link

the simplest way to download. click or copy n paste links labeled as magnet links or with a picture of a magnet next to them. this should prompt your software which will ask you where you want to save it.

download and open .torrent file

old school technique. download a small .torrent file and open with your software. this will initiate the download of the larger content.

suscribe to rss

allows you to automatically download new files when listed on an rss feed. must enable this feature with some softwares. also might need to create filters and tweak some settings to get it to act as you want. in the software click add subscription and input the link to the .xml file.

Share using torrent

make torrent file

in qbittorrent Tools > Torrent Creator

select files or folder

name file ose(machine)(short description)YYYYMMDD

add a tracker server address "udp://tracker.publicbt.com:80/announce" [1]

check the box 'start seeding after creation'

save .torrent file to your computer

share like any other file

make magnet file

create a torrent file and seed

right click on the file and select copy magnet link

the link is auto generated based on file info and copied to your clipboard

can share like a regular web link

alternatively can use thingtracker to create magnet

distribute RSS xml file

use an existing .xml file as your guide

for each file a create new item in xml

enclose link to .torrent file which needs to be hosted somewhere

can upload to the wiki, make sure to click copy link location on file because it will be different than normal wiki address.

host .xml on your internet server of choice. wiki prevents upload of files with html content.

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