OSE Trifold Brochure - (old)

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OSE Trifold Design 1 front.jpg
OSE Trifold Design 1 back.jpg
OSE Trifold Design 1 1 front de.jpg
OSE Trifold Design 1 1 back de.jpg

Download version 1.1 english: OSE_Trifold_1_1_eng_pdf.zip

Download version 1.1 german: OSE_Trifold_1_1_de_psd.zip




  • Title: Open Source Ecology
  • Core message: Building the world's first replicable modern off-grid resilient community.
  • Pictures: OSE Logo, lifetrac, CEB press, CEB building, maybe some other technology, maybe a diagram to explain something compelling
  • Why someone would want to do this, OSE rationale/working assumptions
  • Who: Marcin Jakubowski, PhD
  • What: RCCS, permaculture 'garden of eden', permafacture, replicability for everyone, we are trying to help everyone, cute fuzzy animals. What it's like when it's done, the end vision.
  • Where: "Factor 'e' Farm", NW Missouri
  • When: Initial goal 2011, we have a short amount of time to develop everything
  • How: RCCS, true fans campaign, investors?
  • "You've already helped by being concerned about preserving the environment and freedom. Supporting Open Source Ecology is a further step in that direction."
  • Quotes about OSE from prestigious people and news articles. In_the_News
  • Pictures of all kinds of people helping OSE
  • Call to action: Subscribe
  • "These tools are to help YOU! Please support this work by subscribing to help fund the development."
  • Contact info