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  • Collaboration with other projects
  • Collaboration within ose project - large number of interoperable modules, based on Module Based Design.
  • Builds upon industry standards
  • Builds upon best practices
  • Innovates on design and implementation
  • Can showcase modules
  • Has infoboxes, which can be showcased
  • State of art manipulable 3D embeds via WebGL
  • Contributor profiles and badges
  • Chapters and replication infrastructure
  • Ribust infrastructure for any new module and developer
  • Link to versioning for files.
  • Stable releases hosted locally
  • Self-contained USB published on a regular basis
  • OSE Linux live USB published regularly - probably quarterly.
  • Integrates with construction set approach
  • Feed Aggregation for OSE News Show, FB feed.


  • Upvoting and commenting
  • Forum thread integration
  • Good blend of autonomy and integration
  • Translations
  • Collaborative video editing infrastructure
  • Wide range of prioritized templates


  • Links to forum, bug tracker, repository such as github
  • Interoperates with FreeCAD
  • integrates to GIMP, Inkscape, KiCAD, Audacity, Natron, and Kdenlive
  • Integrates with CAD - FreeCAD, OpenSCAD, SweetHome3D, and Blender


  • OSE social contract - Open source for ever.
  • Topical Editors
  • Topical Maintainers
  • Open Source Linux Admin
  • Robust login infrastructure