OSE Workbench Platform Video Series Outline

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This page serves to outline and plan a video series on ose-workbench-platform to further increase replicability and accessibility of that work.


  1. Introduction: OSE Workbench Platform 5 W's and 1 H
    1. What is OSE Workbench Platform?
    2. Why OSE Workbench Platform?
    3. How does OSE Workbench Platform work?
      1. Conda Package
      2. Conda Environments
      3. CLI
    4. When? (possibly skip this for brevity)
    5. Where? (possibly skip this for brevity)
    6. Who? (possibly skip this for brevity)
  2. Getting Started & Installation
    1. Are you creating a new workbench or working on a existing one?
  3. Creating a New Workbench
    1. OSE Example Workbench
  4. Part Classes
  5. Model Classes
  6. Part Feature Creation Functions
  7. Command Classes
  8. Icons
  9. Working on a Existing Workbench
    1. OSE 3D Printer Workbench

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