OSE Workshop Leader Training

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An individual must first apply to be an OSE Developer, and on the Advanced Track - meaning the track that prepares them to run workshops. After contributing as an OSE Developer for one 90 day session, with a minimum of 90% time commitment track record, the candidate can request further training.

We accept applicants typically in pairs, so they work together, as in the Scrum methodology.

THere are 3 sesssions that the applicant must complete:

  1. Attend a workshop
  2. Participate in organizing a second or further workshop
  3. When the candidate is ready, they lead a workshop with OSE in participation but only assisting.

These workshops must meet financial goals for self-sustainability. There are logistics and materials costs involved.

The individual may be certified as a workshop leader after successful leadership in a workshop. The individual may run under a license agreement under the OSE brand, or they may go entirely on their own, and not under the OSE brand.

This is consistent with OSE's mission of creating Distributive Enterprise. OSE'a Distributive Enterprise effort is founded upon distributed, large scale, collaborative, open source product development.