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  • since 2011 I have been discussing the connection between natural resources and one's standard of living. Short clip on Rocks, Sunlight,....
  • The ramifications of. OSE is mass creation of right livelihood.
  • most people (53%) would rather be doing something else (as a job)
  • there is the RepRap manifesto of self-production
  • there is the 'high tech self-providing' of x
  • teh concept for ose in practice is lowering the barriers to productivity that we not only displace mindless consumerism! conspicuous consumption! Etc. or diamond status rings with diamonds as big as golf balls. It is all reflective of human incapacity and vanity, and it comes in part from trying to substitute for meaning. Meaning at a deep level for humans has meant historically the reward or reaping the fruit of one's labor - and specifically - our productive self where we convert abundant natural resources to provide for our needs. Great power and great meaning arise in a person from their ability to produce. Great power and great meaning do not arise from their ability to consume.
  • this kind of drive for meaning tha comes from production has not disappeared in humans, and lack of it - by removing productive systems far from humans - has resulted in mass loss of meaning and has contributed to mass psychosis.
  • for this reason, ose says that returning to increased stewardship of natural resources - some call it return to harmony with nature - is essential.
  • we work on the extremes of what could enable this transition - and the core enabler of our modern self - heavy industrial machinery.
  • we are promoting true stewardship of the industrial system - by increased human participation at an appropriate scale.
  • now you may ask how heavy machinery will lead us closer to nature.
  • the answer is: when distant capital no longer decides how heavy machines are put to use - and instead more responsible individuals in their community take over this role - then it is safe to say that the global geopolitical outcome will be more favorable.
  • the true environmentalist is thus a technologist - a steward of natural resource conversion.