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The OSE gene bank is a collection of public domain organisms and open source genetic material for human utility. Developing the OS organisms, materials, protocols, and information management systems will be a major undertaking of high complexity, therefore phased development with manageable goals should be pursued. This article will focus on microorganisms that are most widely used.

Phase 1 - OS chassis organisms

Phase 1 is to collect organisms and place them in the public domain. Protocols and materials to maintain these organisms will also be needed. Initial organisms of interest will be those that are used for fermentation (yeast) and bioproduction (E coli).

Phase 2 - OS genomics and genetic engineering

Phase 2 involves generating genomic information for public domain organisms and techniques for manipulating the genomes. This will involve building the equipment and genetic material to make small modifications to the genome. During this phase OS data management systems will be needed to organize and make use of the large data sets generated.

Phase 3 - OS synthetic biology

A final phase to develop the techniques for advanced genetic manipulations and de novo creation of new genetic circuits will require advanced DNA synthesis and sequencing equipment.

Phase 4 - Immortality and Universal Consciousness

Once genetic manipulation is achieved in a regenertive development framework, things such as modification of the human genome become a norm, and morphing humans for various enhancements becomes possible and a choice. There are significant ethical issues involved when anyone gains the capacity to become god, but once the Open Source Economy is achieved, these isues will be resolved through collaborative dialogue.