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The open source economy is next economy, in which abundance-based economics have been achieved for Mutually Assured Abundance as the universally-accepted security doctrine. Non-scarce means of exchange up to 100x larger than needed to produce all Universal Basic Assets and other assets for thriving. All Competitive Waste has been eliminated, lifetime product design has been institutionalized as the new economic norm, and physical resource conflicts have been eliminated. Open design and Collaborative Literacy, fueled by Moral Intelligence has been accepted as one of the essential literacies of humanity.


The open source economy is marked theoretically by Distributive Enterprise forming the backbone of Distributed Market Susbstitution as the norm beyond the scarcity-based economics that were practiced up ontil the early 21st century.

Tactically speaking, the open source economy is based on Distributed Productive Ecosystems delivering Peter Drucker's promise of a civilization that is both more productive and humane.

In order to get there, open knowhow must fuel Integrated Design and Integrated Enterprise to provide for thriving, based on the transcendence of a Scarcity Mindset. This addresses Socrates' slavery, political division, and outdated mental models of centrist systems as a foundation for Self-Determination and Sublimation.

Some qualities of the open source economy are:

  1. Collaborative design of goods and services as opposed to proprietary development and patents
  2. Lifetime design and warranties on all products, outside of consumables which can be regenerated through closed-loop material cycles
  3. Access to Open Sector enterprise, which enables indididuals to participate in the production process on a subscription basis
  4. Access to housing via autonomous living units that can be stacked vertically, as well as other means of public-interest, open sector housing options
  5. Modular product ecosystems that rely on Integrated Design and closed loop material cycles
  6. Automated production assist that is available to anyone
  7. Kardashev Scale 0.01 limit until serious attempts at the settlement of space (current state is 0.0001)
  8. Human evolution to Self-Determination