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A discussion has taken place concerning modifications to the Power Cube for the upcoming OSEBG LifeTrac build. The question was raised about powering the LifeTrac with a single more powerful Power Cube instead of two current Power Cubes.

Similar Hydraulic Power Units

Foster 35 HP diesel hydraulic power unit @ $18,000 and 3100 lbs (compare to Power Cube @ $2600 and 500 lbs):

Foster 35HP Diesel Unit.jpeg
Foster 35 hp diesel

The Foster gasoline "Power Packs" are more comparable to the Power Cube - it is larger and heavier, but largely due to the 25 gal hydraulic reservoir:

Foster 40HP Gasoline Unit.jpeg
Foster gasoline Power Unit

Gulf Engine uses an interesting frame for their hydraulic power units:

Large frame.jpg
Gulf Engine power unit



Diesel engines are heavier.  
For example this 26.4 HP engine weighs 171 lbs dry and without radiator, fan or water.  
It is comparable in price to some gasoline engines ($2195):
Cat 26HP Diesel Engine.png
Surplus Center 26.4 hp diesel
Kohler engines - up to 38 HP in similar configuration as we use (Cost $2519.36):
Kohler 38HP Engine.jpg
Kohler 38 hp engine
This is the 28 HP B&S engine I've been using - it has an excellent price of < $700.
Shipping weight: 100 lbs (in reality: 85 lbs):
Briggs 28HP Engine.png
28 hp Briggs & Stratton engine
The 36 HP B&S engine adds 28% more power, but at $2295, it costs more than 3x the price of the 28 HP engine.  
Shipping weight: 135 lbs:
Briggs 36HP Engine.png
Briggs & Stratton 36 hp engine
After reviewing the options, the decision was made to use an air-cooled Volkswagen engine.  The model chosen is the 1600 cc, as it is the most common vw engine and it delivers between 50 - 60 horsepower.  It is larger and heavier than before, so the Power Cube must be re-designed with new pump, plumbing and reservoirs - as well as component placement and engine mounts:
Vw 1600cc Engine.jpg

Of course, more power means more fluid flow and heat dissipation. The hydraulic plumbing must also be considered and adjusted if necessary. The pump will have to change as well.

Hydraulic Pump

The pump currently being use - it is at full power utilization:
Hydreco Pump.png
Hydreco pump
This Cessna pump can handle more power and fluid flow:
Cessna Pump.png
Cessna pump