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HintLightbulb.png Hint: Open Source Hardware is a thing. Open Source Hardware is not a loose term - it is well-defined and has 4 properties. We emphasize this because most people throw the term around as a general concept, but in many cases the technology involved is not actually open source. It is critical to understand the distinction between true open source, and stuff which isn't - which simply does not carry the same liberatory potential as true open source. This is a great case for understanding General Semantics - where The Map is not the Territory. If we start by using the word open source, and the thing is really open source - we can avoid much confusion in terms of the general rollout of the open source economy. If we do not undertand first what open source is and isn't, we can't evin begin building the open source economy. Thus, OSE begins with clarity on the true definition of open source - as a starting point for the open source economu. Read on.

Open Source Hardware Definition

Open Source Hardware Definition -

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From the above, it should be clear Why OSE Doesn't Support Non-Commercial Licenses - and what Fake Open Source is.


According to OSHWA, open-source hardware projects can call their products open-source regardless of their certification status. However, OSHWA offers a certification process to help creators adhere to the OSHWA standard, to serve as a catalog of open-source hardware projects, and to make it easy for consumers to find the documentation and information about a given open-source hardware product. [1]


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