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OSE sees itself as an education, training, and standards organization for open source economics. Certification may apply to licensing of the OSE brand, selling of kits, providing immersion education, or other activities. As all of OSE's work is open source, we encourage independent, license-free replication and enterprise activity. If you would like to work under the OSE brand, you would need to get certified.


  • The OSE Immersion Training program is designed to train individuals to run XM Workshops with full time involvement in OSE, or as independent collaborators who collaborate on a contractual basis.
  • The certification evaluation for OSE Fellows-in-Training (FITs) or anyone running OSE workshops - is FIT_XM_Evaluation

Initial Thoughts from 2012

Certification for Products

Products must meet transparent certification criteria that are product-specific.

Certification for Extreme Manufacturing Workshop Social Production Model

Workshops must meet OSE criteria for efficient, immersion-training-based, one day, social production standards. These follow OSE Specifications and will be defined clearly.

Power Cube Certification

  • OSE Certification
    • Power Cube Producer - Tom Griffin from Texas, 1st replication, aiming for OSE Certification.
      • OSE provides Marketing assistance, publicize in our networks
      • He is contributing back to the community.
    • OSE License relates to the OSE Specifications, features the OSE products embody.
    • Certified people will comment and describe how their product meets each point of the OSE Specification. It will be transparent for the user if he gets a product from somebody else or us, so he know exactly what he is getting, particularly on a life-time design and modularity aspects of our equipment. The world benefits by knowing what they are getting into, and the certified producer benefits by the having access to our marketing channels.
    • OSE License is for building a distributing economics. It is not for us building an empire, but for us distributing as much productive power to everybody out there as possible.
      • To support the open sourcing of civilization, the producers would contribute a reasonable amount back to the OSE project, like 3%, we will have to decide on that, we don't want to overtax them, but a little kickback to the project to continue further open source development.
      • We will custom design these agreements, it will on a case by case basis.
    • With this OSE distributive economics license we focus on the fact that whoever is a producer is documenting the work completely, meaning the bills of materials and designs and they will pass our mark only when they are truly bringing about distributive economics for the whole world to benefit with. And that's a beautiful package that nobody can disagree with, that can get a lot of public support on many fronts.
    • That's about the OSE License, we will keep developing it, as people get on line to produce it we hope to have people actually funding the project through donations back to the commons in terms of developing further open source goods.