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See blog report on this - http://opensourceecology.org/open-source-hardware-documentation-jam-a-report/

See podcast with Simone Cicero, on outcomes of the Documentation Jam - [1]

See website: http://opensourcewarehouse.org. See also Simone Log and OSHW Documentation Hackathon Documents. Organized by Simone.jpg for Oshwalogo.png.

See OSHW Documentation folders. We are looking for organizers and developers to assist in the Open Source Hardware (OSHW) hackathon: GUI, CAD, database, APIs, software architects, information architects and others. If you are interested in joining the development of OSHW documentation, please email Simone Cicero, simone dot cicero at Gmail. Requirements are: (1) you are part of an open hardware project and you need a documentation platform; (2) you can help organize or participate in the hackathon.


See corresponding playlist:



  • GUI
  • Architecture
  • Animation
  • Explainer Video


The goal is to invite a broad away of open source hardware


  • OSHWA: Alicia Gibb
  • Open Source Ecology: Marcin Jakubowski
  • DIYDrones: Chris Anderson
  • Sparkfun: Nathan Seidle
  • Arduino: Tom Igoe, David Mellis, Massimo Banzi
  • Adafruit: Phil Torrone, Limor Fried, Becky Stern
  • Littlebits: Ayah Bdeir
  • Lilypad: Leah Buechley
  • EMSL: Windell Oskay
  • Protei: Cesar Harada, Gabriella Levine
  • Alchematter: Dominic Muren, Dustyn Roberts
  • Wikispeed: Joe Justice
  • Wikihouse: Alastair Parvin
  • Open Source Architecture: Darren Gill, Haiti branch
  • Lasersaur: Addie Wagenknecht
  • Makeblock:
  • Open Structures:

Key Collaboration Organizations and Individuals

Venues in NYC


  • Knowable
  • Open Source Textiles
  • Meet Cameron Adamez. Discussion on OSHW standards on the OSHWA mailing list and is considering organizing a parallel hackathon/jam on the west coast.
  • Electronics Checklist
  • Service Design Jam NYC chapter - Marshall Sitten

Other Responses

Distiallations of Materials

  • Key Available Resources, Platforms, Standards - [2]


  • Element 14 - ?
  • OSHWA-$300
  • Adafruit - $500
  • OSE - $8k


  • OSHW Doc Jam eventbrite - [3]
  • Blog post on Shareable - [4]
  • Press Kit - [5]
  • Direct invites - recovery - [6]
  • Selected Invitation list - [7]
  • Participants Google Doc - [8]