OSHW Documentation 5 Slides in 2 Minutes

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A desirable outcome of the OSHW Doc Jam is buy-in on a generalized documentation taxonomy. We intend to have the OSHW participants work on that, with programmers working on an input interface to make this happen, and UI designers developing the display format for this.

The logic of the input-display interface remains a challenge. It is probably generally agreed that we want to use an interface to upload microcontent according to a documentation taxonomy. However, I am having trouble accommodating Embed Codes with Display. If we generate an embed code for display - how do we actually do the Display?

The Embed Code Generator would require that we know WHERE to embed the code. Yet that is a challenge - because we want to take that thinking out of the hands of the contributor to scale the platform. So the HTML Generator would not only have to generate the embed code - but it would also have to upload the embed code to (1) a specific page, and (2) a specific format/spatial location on that specific page.

The only solution I see to this is that the HTML Generator not only generates the Embed Code, but also uploads it to a correct location. For the latter, each project has to define its specific location.

Do we just let the software/UI guys figure that out?

How do we generalize this question so that we come to the Doc Jam with a well-formed question or direction?