OSPD Protocol

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  • Determine product and specifications. Involve testing protocols based on Test Driven Design. Design for 10x improvement on key metrics, such as Lifetime Cost based on Lifetime Design
  • Include manufacturing automation for entrepreneurs to take on production after campaign success.
  • Include modular flexibility (modularity, extensive scalability, intenso-extenso scalability, intensive scalabiity) as The Last X that you will ever buy.
  • Design for Users (who finance the effort), entrepreneurs (who take this on for a living), creatives (media, copy, animation), and gamers (new product design (modular design), builder training)
  • Create permissionless, editable platform and taxonomy (wiki, cloud crowd collaborative docs, Development Template) for scalable collaboration.
  • Produce marketing media for the finished product.
  • Run a crowd funded incentive challenge campaign to solve the problem
  • Determine cost by Minimum Cost Analysis using First Principles Thinking
  • Create incentive challenge to solve for design. Unambiguous completion is defined as 'meets spec'. Therefore, testing protocols must be defined rigorously for unambigous definition of 'meets spec'.
  • Develop, test, and deliver.