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Areas of utility


More Efficient/Alchohol Tolerant Yeast

Another route is to remove alcohol from the medium throughout fermentation. Increasing resistance to other inhibitory compounds in recalcitrant feedstocks and engineering yeast to be able to feed off of pentose sugars are ongoing research areas.

More Efficient Composters

More Efficient Anaerobic Digesters

A first step would be to understand the member bacteria in the biodigester (work would be kind of gross)

More Efficient Methane Digesting Bacteria

Genetically Modified Bioluminescent Bacteria that Produce Luciferin, but do not use it

Bacterial luciferase systems use a slightly modified fatty acid, which is produced by the lux operon. Autobioluminescence is potentially a powerful trait to engineer but may not be very energy efficient.

More Efficient + Different Colors of Bioluminescent Bacteria

Nanolanterns can shift the emission wavelengths.

More Efficient Bioluminescent Fungi

Bacteria/Yeast that produce chemicals useful to organic chemistry

Breakdown modules.

Bacteria/yeast that produce chemicals useful to medicine

  • Open Source Insulin E. Coli etc
  • Secondary metabolites vs proteins
  • Various terpenoids are high-value and a very active area of research, modify central metabolism and/or bind receptors.
  • Antibiotics

Waste Cleanup Bacteria

  • Plastic Digesters/Making these more efficient
  • Hydrocarbon Digesters for Spills

Water Purification Organisms

  • (Not sure if this is possible, but) Modify Something Like A Cypress Tree to Produce an Excess of Water, So some can be removed and you essentially have a natural RO Machine