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Core Discussion: This year is wrapping up to an end. After getting on the world stage in 2011 with the Global Village Construction Set TED Talk, we have received much attention and support. We were largely supported by foundations until last year, and this year, we have shown a proof of concept of a bootstrapping revenue model.

We have succeeded in our Extreme Manufacturing workshop model - in demonstrating that we can net $10k from a weekend event - by combining production and education in one. We have done this with the Compressed Earth Brick Press. In this model, we produce an immersion learning workshop - and sell the machine that is produced in this workshop. This is based on our Extreme Manufacturing techniques, where we have shown that we can build one of our heavy machines in a single day. Our next step is to scale this model.

Our main challenge turns out to be finding skilled leaders for these workshops. Because it is not easy to find such people, we will have to train them. We are currently planning on creating an immersion, one month curriculum to provide the fabrication, digital production, organizational, enterprise, and leadership skills to future workshop leaders. As we develop a rollout schedule and bring about the full product launch of the Brick Press - providing such an immersion course will be part of the plan.

We will be providing a similar product launch package for all the other machines, such as the Power Cube, 3D Printer, Tractor, CNC Torch Table, and others. To do this, our next step is a detailed sequence and priority schedule for the machines. This is based on the intense crash course of learning that we have been undergoing for the last 3 years since getting on the world stage.

Join us to find out more and get involved in the product launch.


October 30 Notes - True Fans Hangout

Mark Adams - did 3D print workshops in HackDC - $600 in parts - worked well. 3D prints - mud and wattle - http://makezine.com/2014/08/13/build-a-700-ceramic-spitting-delta-3d-printer/ http://www.gizmag.com/custom-3d-printer-concrete-castle/33577/ http://www.gizmag.com/wasp-3d-printers-house-mud/34340/

Sandeep - software - great Extreme Manufacturing site - Metrics.

BENJAMIN - Community Manager from Eclipse - https://www.eclipsecon.org/europe2014/ -SMALL challenges - Design Challenges - Element 14 is a great community of hackers, backed by Farnell Electrics - 300,000 members. They hold Design Challenges. Maybe get WikiHouse in on this.

Tentative Internet of Things meeting, Wednesday - next week. Will check calendar.


  • IoT work Group. Benjamin Cabe. Wednesday November 5, 11/7 is Friday, tentative. 5 PM CST USA.
  • CNC Torch Table - Friday next week - Mark Adams - Nov 7 - 5 PM
  • Antarctic Summer XM Build - 5 PM tomorrow, Oct. 30. Weekly, Noon on Friday Nov 7 next time. Part of our Distributive Enterprise Working Group.
  • Legal Working Group - Paolo Marini - open source aquaponics. Dan Popopivici - Nov 14, 5 PM CST.
  • Internet Infrastructure Meeting - Sandeep - Wed Nov 12 5 PM? Mocking the UI with madeup Data. Enterprise, Banking, Java, UI, Databases, Frameworks on XML, backend. Web app development end-to-end. Ruby on Rails. Data cleansing, preparation.

Sandeep Kunkunuru 6:45 PM just wanted to share this link IoT that I have got from a IoT event that I atteneded - http://littlebits.cc/kits/cloudbit-starter-kit

Mark Adams 6:47 PM Sandeep- the cloudbit is a really neat piece of kit- my wife has been building a robotics curriculum for elementary school kids around cloudbit/little bits

Sandeep- the cloudbit is a really neat piece of kit- my wife has been building a robotics curriculum for elementary school kids around cloudbit/little bits http://www.wikihouse.cc/ Martin d'Allens left group chat. Paulo Marini joined group chat.

Sandeep Kunkunuru 6:59 PM Oh ok that's nice to know Mark. http://www.jbpm.org/


Foundation Funding ran out after last year. Extreme Manufacturing Model was demonstrated this year. Tuition plus training brought in $10,000 for a brick press.

Delta 3D printer may be the best, least expensive. Guys are excellent, fully open source. Marcin may optimize and learn how to manufacture this.

What are low hanging fruits? Brick Press Power Cube. A TED Fellow friend bought a power cube to clean latrines, 3 times the power for the same price. 3D Printer. MicroHouse. CNC Torch Router Table - Using experts will improve results. Tractor - after another upgrade to incorporate plowing and bulldozing.

How do we make this work, get more people trained to help others do this. Many skills are required in order to become a leader. These may be taught in an extended course - perhaps one month.

Eclipse Con, just ended today. Open Source Software developers. Looking for ways to work together with open source software, hardware, and also data. Devices may receive sensors with data ported to the internet. Air Quality Sensors. Build then blog about. Compete. Choose a winner.

Element 14: 300,000 community members, on-line hackers are encouraged to use Open Source, directed toward a connected home.

MicroHouse4- put in sensors for humidity and temperature, share data online.

Sensors for humidity, temperature, light intensity, available as open source solution. With a dashboard and a database: http://incredibleaquagdn.no-ip.info/?load=dashboard.json http://incredibleaquagdn.no-ip.info/download/



aquaponicslab.org i- http://incredibleaquagarden.co.uk/aquaponics/free-and-open-source/ The license from their site. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, this documentation is made available under a creative commons license (CC BY-SA 3.0), software is made available under the GNU General Public License v3 and hardware is shared with a TAPR Open Hardware License. Nice!

Enterprise Development and 3D Printing: What is the potential of the Extreme Manufacturing Model?

Perspective and planning for 2015. Finish production of MicroHouse4. January 100 people build the workshop.

Write a book to leverage the community. Become clear on the rollout of the machines over 5 to 10 years. We want to be deliberate on how we develop this project, not opportunistic as much as following an integrated rollout plan.

(Sandeep) in Needham, near Boston, MA, has software skills, upgrade website, show data.  Web applications, enterprise, banking products using JAVA, interfacing with databases, Access, XLT, PSP, hadoop, big data ecosystem, data cleansing, data preparation.  Oracle BPM.  Good to use initially, but not reliable as complexity increases, perhaps to model visually.  Graphical UI Bonita BPM - business process management.  This might be used for simple things.  

Projects should be designed so on-site participation is not required.  

Participation on site should be minimized when incurr on costs, although is the best way to engage other including leader to start the process. maybe have several local hubs alone or in parthnership with other organization? Fablabs? Transitions towns.
Design of machines and working groups could (and should) be on-line

Building, designing, testing can be remotely.

Work Groups focusing on certain projects will be powerful, attracting people with common interests and skills.

OSE.org webside can have additional web presences particularly on Extreme Manufacturing. The Internet Of Things for Factor e Farm.

Mailing lists seem to lose effectiveness over time. Working groups seem to work better. A Wiki page might work well initially, together with Google Docs. Later a dedicated communications channel might be created.

Are there any other open source housing groups. CNC machining of 4 x 8 plywood sheets might be an excellent combination with the brick foundation and wall. It uses a snap and pin connection system. A membrane plus asphalt shingles is used for roofing. CNC modules are selected and then assembled digitally, then using CNC to actually provide the building materials to be assembled.

UK construction codes will have a kit to apply for approval.

What does 1,000 sf house cost, $16,000 Shop bot plus 600 sheets of plywood @ $10. This should be not only affordable but also fast. Wiki-House.

CNC Torch Router Table: Upgrade to ball-screw to increase precision. Presently it is gear rack. The plan will be to get the best people to work on it for a few days, for better results than using non-experts for longer periods of time.

Work Groups. Book with rollout and sequencing plan will be critical to get everything organized to move forward.

Remote prototyping. Use 4 x 4 square beams for structure.

ARCTIC SUMMER. January build.

Control Panel - Dashboard design showing a lot of metrics for a MicroHouse or for any home. We want to have impact on the world. What does that mean? It will be increasingly transparent.

Artisan's Assylum in Sommerville can do wood, perhaps plastic. Mark is in Cambridge. 

Paulo is Project Developer and has been working with aquaponics:  PH, oxygen, etc.  PVC plus bike inner tube cost is 1/5.  Sensors are a critical element for this system.  A real-time camera will be integrated.  The systems are full Open Source.  Incredible Edible.  Part of the enterprise might be distributed.  Paulo manages a group of 6:  chemistry, software, hardware, education, plus two.  BSC in management plus a few years in physics engineering.  Cost of lighting is expensive, sunlight would be better.  Many dynamic balances complicate the system.  The grow bed could be 4 times larger to utilize the fish effluent.

Paulo's group may be the foremost open source.  Chemistry, biology, and other experts need to eliminate all the false information (BS) which has been published.  Google may have an interest in collaborating through one of their employees who helped with MicroHouse4.  

At the aquaponics website on the bottom right of the page it shows: Open Source We are an Open Source Lab meaning we share the ideas we develop with the world for free.

Distributive Enterprise - Marcin's favorite term.

OneCommunityRanch.org They have a good social process working with a lot of people. The guy is radically open source, and even distributive. --sharing notes on how to run a project.

There needs to be a coherent process showing how to start an open source project. Free people at the beginning so they will have legal, organizational, accounting and other startup tools.

Goal: Build 1,000 OSE branches worldwide.

Legal working group. Invite people from Eclipse plus the One Community people. They share documents. They are presently building an earth-bag structure, which is high labor. It won't work for massive distribution unless you have a lot of available labor, .

Open ERP is enterprise software. Jeff Moh is documenting this extensively for Lulzbot. The software is optimized for a large scale operation.

Financial situation?

Amazon Smile

Gift Shop

Bitcoin for donations

True fans automatic graphic and form to input presentation. donations for indefinitely time (currenlty 24 months)

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