October 2018 OSEmail

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Dear Friends and Supporters,

We have just completed the first ever OSE Boot Camp and Immersion program on the Open Source Microfactory, https://wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/OSE_Immersion_Program

We are are proud to announce that Alex Au and Sara Bajor have joined the OSE team full time as OSE Fellows. As such we have raised OSE staff in number from 1 to 3. This is significant for OSE - as we are using our bootstrap funding model to grow the organization - slowly but surely.

We are pleased to release our new website dedicated to the open source microfactory aspect of the Global Village Consruction Set:


California Operations of OSE

We are thus expanding operations to the Bay Area - where Alex and Sara are located. We begin with our offerings of 1 day 3D printer builds, to be followed soon by recycling with the plastic shredder and filament maker for producing 3D printing filament from scrap plastic.

If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area - we are looking for venues (up to 3 hours away from SF) for hosting future 3D printer and open source microfactory workshops - email us if you have a suggestion of a good venue or a good collaborating organization.

Workshop Interest Form

If you are interested in a 3D printer or other workshop near you - wherever you are located globally - fill out our Workshop Interest Form so we can put you on the map. When we have 6-12 people expressing interest - depending on the workshop - we can set up a workshop in that location.

Immersion Training

We finished our first ever 5-week immersion successfully. Sara and Alex are now working as OSE Fellows full-time. Our revenue model is running public workshops to fund continuing development. Full time development effort is critical to accelerating OSE work to completion - by 2028 on the technology front. If the revenue model works - we will have proven that we can scale to different locations around the world - starting with North America.

We're excited about the next Immersion in April 2019 where we plan to cover heavy machinery that makes building the seed eco home more accessible. Our goal is to double annually for the next 10 years until we reach 1000 full time developers.

Read more about key insights from the immersion training experience in our latest blog post:


We are actively seeking ways for Open Source Ecology can support its growth by holding education workshops, building community-scale infrastructure, and supporting entrepreneurship. Right now, we're doing research on the needs of the OSE community.

Our one ask: chat with us and let us listen to your needs

As we are growing - we would like to establish feedback loops on how we can serve our community better. Chat with us and help us understand what you would like to see come out of our work. What do you need and find valuable? How can OSE meet those needs? Understanding your answers would help Open Source Ecology in big way.

We are currently researching how to roll out the 3D printer and the open source microfactory into communities. How can we serve entrepreneurs, producers, schools, libraries community centers, and others - while launching a public design process for the common good? The goal is to involve everyone in creating a better world.

Please fill out this survey so we can hear your feedback, insights, and suggestions:




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