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(See corresponding blog post for a video of this presentation)

Oekonux Conference, Manchester, UK - March 27-29, 2009

See conference schedule under Day 2, 2:30 PM.

Abstract: We are building the world's first, replicable, open source Global Village. We are a land-based social experiment for creating unprecedented quality of life using on-site resources. Our working assumption is that open source physical infrastructure is the enabling prerequisite of such an experiment, and that the power of efficient, integrated, and ecological production must be seized in order for such a community to thrive and to be competitive with mainstream lifestyles. Initial technology development results have surpassed predictions, and we are currently developing a more rigorous program for a rapid-deployment, open source technology development pipeline. This pipeline relies on design of products that are simple, optimal, high-performance, low-cost, and therefore replicable. We observed clear indications of memetic replicability of such open source, technologically and ecologically integrated communities. Initial results, strategies, crowd-based support methods, and operational challenges are covered in this presentation. End goals are livelihoods beyond the ongoing struggle for survival, and personal evolution to freedom - and the first milestone to this is a complete, 30 person villlage - to be built by year-end 2010.

For the physical reality of our experiment, see the Distillation video series for an overview of the technology base:



  • Slide Oekonux4 1 - Building the World's First, Replicable, Open Source, Off-Grid Global Village

Slide 1'

  • Slide Oekonux4 1' - We propose the Global Village Construction Set and Lifestyle Engineering

Slide 1

Slide 2

  • Slide Oekonux4 2 - Infrastructure Set Sufficient for Creating Advanced Civilization
    • End of Resource Conflicts by local sustainable production
    • Abundance - a rigorous condition of skill and wisdom
    • Promise: unprecedented quality of life and emergent small-scale republics

Slide 3

Slide Oekonux 4 3

  • So, you want to build a village?
    • If you could, why not?
    • Here are the tools
    • Here are the skills to use them

Slide 4

  • Slide Oekonux4 4 - You might want to start with a full economy. Agriculture, housing, energy, transportation, fuel, technology.
    • It's all in there.

Slide 5

Slide 6

Slide 7

Slide 8

Slide 8 prime

Slide 9

  • Slide Oekonux4 9 - We are Engaged Actively in Building the Construction Set
    • Tractor proto
    • CEB proto, bricks, building
    • Orchard-goat-chicken-garden-facility
    • Designs - lathe, torch table, microtrac, sawmill

OSE Product Cycle - scalable

Slide 10

Slide 11

Slide 12




  • Slide Oekonux4 16 - Economic Analysis Without GVCS
    • About $1M for infrastructure for a 30 person community (cheap)


  • Slide Oekonux4 17 - Economic Analysis with GVCS Available
    • Sweat equity can be utilized for village replication (cheaper)


Slide 19

  • Slide Oekonux4 19 - GVCS is About Social Technology, not Hardware Technology
    • Present strategy: Review/bid -> fund -> deploy&document
      • Testing, production replication by on-site team
    • Noone has cracked the collaborative hardware development nut
    • Bids are a good strategy (such as OpenMusic), but careful analysis is required prior to bidding

Slide 20

  • Slide Oekonux4 20 Open Source Design Rationale (OSDR) is Defined for a Particular Implementation
    • Careful, point-by-point description to novice with high school education
    • WikiPedia model is not easy to apply in our case, becuase of attention span requirements
    • Break it down to 0-attention span chunks


  • Slide Oekonux4 21 - OSDR Standards
    • Diagram of all design points
    • OSE Specifications for guiding design principles
    • Red Pages for development support
    • Full explanation of points
    • Diagram can be connected to 3D design
    • 3D design annotated with BOM
    • BOM spreadsheet
    • Fab procedure
    • Review/bid process based on Resource Map, involves experts
    • Funding via open proposal writing, via OSDR content
    • Status should be transparent by viewing OSDR content

Slide 22

Slide 23

Slide 24


You can read the transcript at the Oekonux 4 OSE Transcript