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What is the core offering of OSE?

It is the GVCS. But what exactly does that imply from the tactical rollout perspective?

Quality Products

  • Open source machines at 5x lower cost that meet or exceed industry standards wile embodying simplicity, modularity, and lifetime design that that make these machines 50x more cost effective over their entire life cycle.
    • Where do user cases come in? To me, it's not 3rd world, but independent replication. How do we position ourselves as serving independent replicators vs. doing 3rd world aid programs? For 3rd World Programs, we promote their independent replication, and provide tech assist - we don't ship product to them.
  • Here are Metrics for GVCS Deployment

Going to Scale

  • OSE Incubator - training facility for Distributive Enterprise based on the GVCS
  • Open Source Product Development Platform - collaborative development method that builds on prior work without patent restrictions to accelerate innovation 10-100x over modern development methods.
  • OSE Campus - a production facility (think Walmart except with on-site custom production with material sourcing from within a 50 mile radius)
  • R&D Center for Open Source Economic Development - think OSE Incubator with heavy R&D component, including offering Ph.D. programs in open source economic development
  • Standards Setting for the Open Source Economy (think Open Source Hardware Association + product development methodology)

Essential Production

  • Integrated Agriculture Operation (standard CSA except year-round, full-diet. This makes fresh, local, organic food available to the common man by reducing production cost via access to equipment, genetic stock, and techniques. Part of this operation is a significant genetic repository and propagation capacity. Reconnects the human to nature. Wendell Berry's dream.)
  • Autonomous House Construction (independent house building contractors, except focusing on autonomous housing construction at a cost affordable to the common person. Uses modern steam CHP, biogas electricity, wind power, and solar concentrator)
  • Village (modern cookie-cutter developer, except including agriculture, fabrication, energy, other production streams for creating a comprehensive economy; New Urbanism with a complete, built in economy)
  • Center of human evolution (voluntary simplicity + right livelihood to produce a small community <200 people where a modern standard of material existence is produced on 2 hours per day of work based on local resources -such that the rest of one's time contributes to autonomy for the pursuit of mastery consistent with higher purpose (Daniel Pink)
  • Community Energy - To make renewable energy available on the community level - biogas electric, pelletized biomass, solar concentrator, and wind power. Take the modern utility minus coal, natural gas, and nukes.

Fabrication Focus

  • Digital fabrication and prototyping facility (Open Source TechShop at 1/10 the cost due to usage of open source fabrication machines; also Cloudfab)
  • Collaborative Production Facility (think Hackerspace with real products and high social coordination. Reconnecting humans to their productive potential. Think New Dawn Engineering minus the labor via simplicity, modularity, design-for-fabrication, and digital fabrication)
  • Off-grid digital fabrication facilities (Open Source Techshop outside of industrialized areas. Think Technological Leapfrogging.)

Nonprofit Development

  • Pilot infrastructure-building and poverty-alleviation projects for humanitarian ends. (think Working Villages International + open source equipment)
  • Third world development. Critique: Microfactory infrastructure needs to be sequenced prior to machine deployment so target population can be in full control of the technology.


  • Survival Kits to Doomsdayers (think of a productive infrastructure as an alternative to guns, gold + grub)
  • Autonomous housing construction, autonomous communities - huge market that can replace cookie cutter development of suburbia
  • Visionaries who see material security as a fundamental driving force for freedom (small market for this) - playgrounds for visionaries where the 2 hr work day is realized


  • The potential of the GVCS and personal story behind it is tramendous.
  • Speaking engagements and documentary opportunities can be a revenue stream.