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PS. Wow, very powerful quote at the end of your email.

I am particularly interested in what your plans are for the future.

Would you consider a month-long stay at Factor e Farm (USA) next year - to collaborate more closely? It




On Mon, Jul 21, 2008 at 2:08 PM, Olivier Chaput <olivier@kaospilots.nl> wrote:

http://doodle.ch/8pvtwr2pp82m794y (To indicate your availabilities)

Hi everybody,

As you might know I am working besides my studies to promote collaboration between wiki that works for sustainability and green causes.

I start with Ekopedia, got in contact with Green Wikia, Appropedia and many others... A short list here show some of them... http://www.appropedia.org/Site_list_for_Sustainability_Wiki_Search

They don't always know each others... They are sometimes afraid to loose their identity in any kind of co-creation... However they are all motivated and passionated wishing to improve the world.

Through my studies I learn facilitation and a basis of my formation is learning by doing so what I propose to you is to try a Skype meeting to generate/co-create a better/some collaboration... Why a Skype meeting? Because where are all around the world and I don't have the resource to invite all of you at my apartment for a meeting. Skype seems a good way to collaborate and skip space issue. It will be a challenge (for me at least) to facilitate this Skype conference but I believe that it can be fruitful.

Here is a tools to find a date... I propose to do that end of August, before I will be farming in Belgium with my best friend. So just follow the link and let me know your availabilities.


I would like also some feed(-back) forward... What do you think about this initiative? What would be your expectations from it? What are your position toward "your" wiki (time-role-...).

So hope to generate enthusiasm and get some reactions.

See you soon

-- Olivier Chaput KaosPilot Team 1 Rotterdam

"Each snowflake in an avalanche pleads not guilty."