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Hi Catarina and Marcin,

As said in a comment I already knew OSE, but I discovered OBI and your Kickstarter campaign through the article by Dr. Joshua Pearce on opensource.com, as I subscribe to their weekly email.

As a French guy, I notice that I did not find any French article on your project or the Kickstarter campaign... Right now, regarding suggestions on media, and if you are interested, I can try to contact the following french sites for you (especially by following the campaign's press kit):

- Blog of Framasoft association which promotes free, ethical, decentralized and solidarity services, https://framablog.org/, which has already talked about OSE (https://framablog.org/?s=%22open+source+ecology%22) - Blog of a French guy, https://korben.info, which has already talked about Open Source home (http://korben.info/?s=%22maison+open+source%22) - More a mainstream media, https://www.slate.fr (affiliated to Slate.com), which has already talked about Open Hardware (https://www.slate.fr/story/101667/avenir-prometteur-open-source-hardware) - And I can write a little article on https://linuxfr.org, a community site which promotes F(L)OSS.

Regarding compelling and missing parts of your project, probably already been said, but the international regulation point asks many questions. I recently built a wood frame house, and I wonder if an OBI home could meet the actual french requirements (http://www.gbpn.org/databases-tools/bc-detail-pages/france#)... but the strength of the project is the Open Source orientation! ;)